For over 40 years, AA Electrical is one of Greater Hartford’s best electrical companies providing professional electrical installations and excellent customer service. Providing you the assurance that your electrical job will be done right the first time by professional electrical contractors who care about you, your home or business. Call AA Electrical today at 860‑953‑8830 in West Hartford CT for your electrical services needs. 

Same Day Service

Because AA Electrical Services, Inc. is licensed and fully insured, it is our job to make sure your home electrically safe and code compliant. It is our goal to address current electrical issues and detect any problems that can cause future damages. We believe that by the time our electrician leaves your home, you should know without a doubt that your home's electrical system is safe and in accordance with the electrical code.


More about Generators

Standby generators or backup generators are an absolute necessity for residential homes, commercial properties and industrial properties to deal with any power outages. Power outages can prove to be paralyzing no matter how small the duration might be. Whether it is hot or cold, housing properties need a continuous supply of electricity as do commercial properties. Backup generators provide this much needed power supply when the main power supply goes out.

Outdoor Lighting

More about Outdoor Lighting

AA Electrical can help you design stunning outdoor lighting that will emphasize the interesting landscape or architectural features of your home. This can be done through a wide array of methods all of which provide you with a more beautiful home, and give you safety and security to discourage would-be break-ins, while providing you with a safer pathway around your property for your family and your guests.